The Beginning

In the unfolding drama of environmental consciousness, our odyssey toward a Clean Shoreline commenced on the decisive day of March 12, 2022. A visionary force, Shahana, a stalwart member of the We Grow Forest Foundation, ignited the spark of cleaning shorelines on the stage of Global Recycling Day. The torchbearers of this noble cause, Dr. Merin Jacob, the managing trustee of We Grow Forest Foundation, and Anjali Asmi, trustee of the foundation, joined forces with Dr. Meera Asmi, the Chairwoman of We Grow Forest Foundation. Together, they birthed the ambitious project, Beach Clean Shoreline – The Sea of Change, casting a spell of hope and transformation.


The inaugural act unfolded at Veli, under the auspices of the then Corporation Health Committee Chairperson, Smt. Jameela Sreedharan, with the unwavering support of the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation. Since that pivotal moment, like clockwork, every second Saturday of the month witnessed a symphony of volunteers converging for the beach clean-up drive. What started as a modest gathering burgeoned into a people’s movement, a passionate chorus of individuals who embraced the responsibility of preserving the pristine beauty of Veli Beach.

The Support

In this riveting saga, the plot thickened with unexpected allies joining the cast. Hotel O by Tamara became the backstage hero, providing sustenance and refreshments to the tireless volunteers. The NCC Thiruvananthapuram Unit assumed the role of a supporting actor, dispatching cadets to the scene, their eyes opened to the gravity of the environmental crisis. Corporates and students from various colleges in Thiruvananthapuram elevated the movement, turning it into a compelling storyline of collective action.

The Sea of Change

The climax of this narrative is the pursuit of the Blue Flag, a prestigious accolade that symbolizes the gold standard for beaches worldwide. Clean Shoreline – The Sea of Change commits itself to weaving sustainable beach management principles into the fabric of India’s coastal landscapes. The story doesn’t end here; it unfolds further, delving into the chapters of waste management, beach beautification, and the infusion of art for awareness. Each initiative, a brushstroke on the canvas of positive change, aims to nurture a mindset that echoes the importance of preserving our oceans and shorelines. The curtains may fall, but the echoes of this dramatic tale resonate, inspiring hope and instilling a sense of responsibility in the hearts of those who yearn for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable planet.