Welcome to the essence of We Grow Forest Foundation’s transformative initiative, Clean Shoreline – The Sea of Change. Our comprehensive efforts are organized into distinct realms, each playing a vital role in nurturing vibrant and sustainable coastal ecosystems.


Planting Trees

This initiative is a strategic endeavor aimed at planting and preserving suitable trees, including mangroves and salt-tolerant species. By strategically selecting and placing these trees, we not only contribute to carbon offsetting but also significantly improve air quality. Our focus on proper species selection and placement ensures the building and maintenance of a robust and healthy ecosystem.

Soil Conservation

The Soil Conservation Program addresses the pressing issue of increased soil pollution in coastal areas. We implement comprehensive solutions to prevent chain reactions resulting from soil contamination, ensuring the long-term health of the soil. Installing waste bins along the coast is a key component of our strategy, eliminating littering and actively contributing to the maintenance of healthy soil populations.

Water Quality Improvement

This Program is a multifaceted approach to safeguarding water bodies. We systematically analyze threats and provide effective solutions to restrict waste entry. Additionally, we introduce coastal aquaculture as a means to support the local economy while enhancing water quality. Planting native water plants improves water quality and supports biodiversity, creating a harmonious aquatic environment.


Sea of Change
Beach Clean-up Drive

The Sea of Change Beach Clean-up Drive stands as a cornerstone of our sanitation initiatives, embodying our commitment to pristine shorelines. Through hands-on clean-up activities, we actively engage in the removal of plastic pollution and waste from coastal areas, fostering a community-driven approach to environmental stewardship. Our emphasis on responsible citizenship and a positive attitude contributes to building cleaner and healthier coastlines for present and future generations.

Waste Management System

The implementation of an effective waste management system is integral to our sanitation efforts. We are dedicated to establishing sustainable waste management practices along coastlines, including the strategic installation of trash bins and recycling facilities. Through collaborative efforts with every stake holders, we aim to ensure proper waste disposal and recycling, mitigating the impact of pollution on coastal ecosystems and fostering a culture of responsible waste management.

Promotion of
Responsible Tourism

We advocate sustainable tourism practices that minimize environmental impact and promote cultural appreciation. Through initiatives such as beach beautification and public awareness campaigns, we encourage visitors to embrace and safeguard our natural treasures. Together, we aspire to shape a tourism industry that not only respects the environment but also enhances the well-being of local communities, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our coastal destinations.


Marine Ecosystem

Protecting the marine ecosystem is paramount to our health-focused initiatives. We work tirelessly to safeguard the delicate balance of marine life by addressing threats such as marine debris and pollution. Through targeted conservation efforts, we strive to preserve the biodiversity and ecological integrity of our oceans, ensuring a healthy environment for marine organisms to thrive.

Prevention of
Water-Borne Diseases

Preventing water-borne diseases is a core component of our health strategy. We implement measures to minimize the risk of diseases transmitted through contaminated water sources, such as promoting responsible fishing practices and regulating waste disposal. By addressing the root causes of water pollution, we aim to protect both human health and the integrity of aquatic ecosystems.

Community Health
and Well-being

Ensuring the well-being of coastal communities is central to our mission. We recognize the interconnectedness of human health and environmental sustainability, and we strive to create environments that support both. Through initiatives such as community health programs and access to clean water sources, we work to improve the quality of life for coastal residents, fostering resilient and thriving communities.



Beach beautification efforts are integral to our tourism initiatives, aiming to enhance the aesthetic appeal of coastal areas. Through landscaping, clean-up drives, and the installation of amenities, we strive to create inviting and pristine beach environments for visitors to enjoy. By preserving the natural beauty of our shorelines, we promote tourism while simultaneously protecting fragile coastal ecosystems.

Wall Paintings for
Public Awareness

Wall paintings serve as powerful tools for public awareness, conveying messages of environmental conservation and sustainability. Through vibrant murals and engaging artwork, we educate beachgoers and local communities about the importance of preserving our coastal environments. These artistic interventions not only beautify public spaces but also inspire individuals to take action in safeguarding our natural resources.

Annual Beach Mela

The Annual Beach Mela Celebration is a vibrant showcase of coastal culture and community spirit. This festive event brings together locals and visitors alike to celebrate the unique identity of our coastal areas through music, dance, and traditional cuisine. With activities ranging from sandcastle competitions to cultural performances, the Beach Mela promotes tourism while fostering a sense of pride and belonging among coastal communities